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Change Network


Mr Smith could you briefly talk about your childhood?
yes. as the oldest child of 10, I had a right to eat my ounger siblings.
"it was hard at first but in the end I became stronger"
mr smith will now be investigated for the murder of his nine siblings
next up
so, you are a monster who eats children by nature, but 3 years ago you became a vegan? yes.
i believe change starts with one monster. Children are our future.
I encourage other monsters watching to fight their natural eating habits.
but you survive off of youth. how do you maintain your health?
monster stretches his long neck
science allows me to get those nutrients chemically. Monster shows us the youth powder that says no children harmed
I applaud your courage and mindfulness. - thank you.
monster will now be investigated for the murder of 273 children. all killed prior to 3 years ago.
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