I work in various disciplines outside of visual arts.

and here are some of them:

members of the collective, a total of 4 individuals and their zoom screens are embedded into a detailed blue drawing of plants and flowers
Same detailed blue background shows up with text that reads I am once again asking for a cost of living raise.

Labour in the Arts (LIA)

Labour in the Arts is an arts collective that attempts to observe and demystify the canadian nonprofit arts industry through experimentation and with creative projects. 

This collective was created in 2020 by me and Jason Li, and shortly after joined by Madeline McCaffrey and Wing Lam Leung, and is currently grassroots and volunteer run.


The work and mission evolves based on what the growing collective feels is a "need" of the industry.

We're currently researching to design a needs-based-artsworld-reimagination exercise with a Canada Council for the Arts Grant.

Dead Korean Girl Comedy Show

I'm writing a play!

Over the last year I've been working with my collaborator Jenn Park on developing a bilingual play about what happens when you die as a Korean woman in Canada, called Dead Korean Girl Comedy Show (처녀귀신 코미디쇼).

Currently a work-in-progress, we are developing the script with the support from the Ontario Arts Council Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators, with recommendations from Nightwood Theatre and the Toronto Fringe.

In summer 2022 we visited Ottawa to complete our draft and will be looking for community consultants, dramaturges, actors (readers), and collaborators in the near future.

You can contact me about this work via my instagram.

Two korean girls stand in front of the Korean embassy building gates with their thumbs up, bright smiles. A digital drawing hides their body with a white korean hanbok dress.jpg
TTC transfer has been altered to write "You Drink Water Too?" instead of the station name.jpg

Graphic Design/Illustration

I take graphic design/illustrations/basic video editing gigs depending on my availability. For grassroots organizations or artists I charge affordable rates.

Reach me via my instagram.

From Transfers by Lucy Coren (text by Lucy)